A loupe (/ˈluːp/ LOOP) is a simple, small magnification device used to see fine details more closely.

Loupe Legal (/ˈluːp/ LOUPE le·gal | \ ˈlē-gəl LEGAL) A boutique firm which thrives on supporting clients to take a closer look at their health and safety risks.

Loupe Legal was founded by crisis specialist, Jane Hall. Her sense of community and commitment to health and safety are the driving forces behind our work.

Through more than 20 years spent in court rooms Jane has cultivated a unique and nuanced approach to helping businesses anticipate and solve health and safety problems.

She has a down-to-earth attitude and a knack for problem solving. She is equally comfortable in the boardroom as she is at our clients’ sites. She gives advice wherever it is most needed, which can include at construction sites, at warehouses, on fishing vessels, in factories, at quarries and even in a truck.

Jane’s insight into health and safety regulation and enforcement doesn’t just come from her time working with large employers, she also has practical experience in operational and leadership roles within health and safety regulators.

Our Values.

People come first.
We are decisive and unafraid to commit to a position. 
We are relatable.
We are collaborative.


As a boutique law firm, Loupe Legal is adaptive, collaborative and innovative. We use structured processes and technology to maximise the value we provide to our clients.

We are committed to solving clients’ problems and are able to call on other experts when they are needed. We have an extensive network of leading lawyers, barristers, safety professionals and consultants and can build the right team to tackle our clients’ issues head on. If we can’t help you solve your problem, we probably know someone who can.